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by Betina Malless Marsh
Love this place! Can’t wait to have Valerie Ellis use her magical hair cutting scissors on my over grown mess. Looking to shake things up a bit. Valerie, are you ready?

by Beth Simmons Minnick
Great haircut today by Valerie. Really enjoy the time with her.

by Muriel King
Hello!! l’m coming back from France tomorrow with chocolate 🙂 I think I’m ready to go to a purplish black for my hair color when I come in for my appointment! Excited!!! Happy holidays!!!

by Muriel King
Hi guys!
Valerie, I just wanted to say that my hair color is amazing!!! The new thing you tried is awesome 🙂 I LOVE IT!!!

I scheduled an appointment for a facial, dermaplane, and chemical peel with Katie, at the recommendation of a friend. Not only was I completely satisfied with the service I received, but the salon and boutique are absolutely adorable. I was able to completely relax and it was very quickly obvious to me that I had made the right choice. Katie was very professional and knowledgeable. She was also very friendly. I love a salon/spa that is comfortable without being pretentious and quaint without feeling cheap, and Sign of the Tymes really fit the bill for me. I felt like the pricing was fair for the quality of service and amount of time she spent with me. I left feeling relaxed and radiant after scheduling my next appointment.

I’ve had some bad haircut experiences, so I’m picky about who touches my hair.  I’ve been coming to A Sign of the Tymes for many years and love it.  The salon is in a lovely old house with loads of character.  My hair stylist knows just how to cut my hair and my husband’s.  Everybody is friendly, plus there is a little boutique downstairs that I can look through while my husband is in the chair. I almost always find something adorable and affordable there.

Badly needed a haircut and went into Sign Of The Tymes with pictures of the look I was hoping to get. She nailed it! The staff is warm & friendly and the atmosphere is very comfortable as well. I’ll be back! Best colorist and stylist in Indy! – Valerie is the best colorist in Indianapolis. I appreciate her candor and professionalism when advising me about styles that would do well with my hair type and face shape.I have been a longtime customer and have never been let down.  10/11/2012 As a long time customer (20+ years) I can’t give ASOTT a higher rating. The staff are extremely professional and friendly. My wife and I highly recommend Val and her salon!!

5 of 5 stars

Apr 17, 2012
by anonymous
From the get go–I walked in the door and the worst week I could never put into words just escaped me.. The unique set-up and eccentric feel of the salon blew me away!!! I had a shellac manicure/pedicure and two weeks went by–not a single chip in… (More) From the get go–I walked in the door and the worst week I could never put into words just escaped me.. The unique set-up and eccentric feel of the salon blew me away!!! I had a shellac manicure/pedicure and two weeks went by–not a single chip in any nail!!!! They made me feel welcome, focused on me and reminded me that it was my time to shine.. I left feeling flooded with self esteem and I will never get nails done by anyone but their awesome STAFF!!!! Thank you 🙂

“The service I received here was amazing!

My first time here was a while ago. I had gotten a botch job at another salon nearby. My color was all wrong and my cut was very uneven.

I had walked-in to Sign of the Tymes Salon and they didn’t have any openings, so I made an appointment. The stylist’s name was Randi. She helped me pick out a color that fit my skin tone 100% better than what I had gotten at the other place. She showed me with the hair swatches what the color looked like against my skin. With her help we picked a carmel brown color. It looked great and was much better than the blonde orange color I had gotten at the other place I went! She fixed my haircut and it looked so much better and felt so much better. We had to cut off more length than I wanted because it was so uneven, but she kept as much as possible.

What shocked me most was that she didn’t once insult the other stylist’s botch job! She was very professional about everything she did. She also didn’t  push the product on me. We got along great!

There were two things that really sealed the deal. First, her prices were VERY reasonable. Two, her scalp massage during the shampoo was AMAZING. I could have her rub my head ALL day long.

I will be returning and I will recommend Randi to all of my friends.”


“I purchased a groupon for a mani/pedi, and trust me, I’ve had some bad experiences with not so hot groupons, but this place changed my thinking a bit. Maria was my manicurist and she was very thorough, which I certainly appreciate from a nail technician. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because of the time. I have mani/pedis frequent and I generally allot about an hour and 15 minutes, maybe an hour and a half depending on the salon, but this was over 2 hours, which I felt was a bit long; however, she was very thorough, so I don’t particularly see this as a negative. I would recommend, but not if you’re in a rush.”


“I needed a haircut BADLY, and since I was new to Broad Ripple, I took to Yelp to find a new salon.  A Sign of the Tymes popped up, and I figured I’d give them a try.  I called around noon, and they were able to get me in later that day: that is service!  I scheduled with Randi.  Due to work and traffic, I ended up showing about 20 minutes late (I called ahead and let them know), and Randi was really gracious about it.  NOTE: This place does not accept credit cards, only cash or check.  I wish I would have known about this!  Bring your checkbook!


The salon is in a really cute building, which looked like it used to be a house.  The salon was really clean and inviting.  They had a good selection of magazine, which I appreciate since so many salons only have hair magazines.  I didn’t get a chance to look at them since Randi took me back so quickly. Her booth was in what looked like it used to be a bedroom, so it was private and really spacious.  I explained to Randi what I wanted (trim off the dead ends, give me some bangs) and she gave me exactly what I wanted.  She even suggested she cut my hair a bit shorter to make it look healthier and fuller.  I was really happy with the cut I got.  She also styled it well which I liked, because I often don’t leave the salon liking the style.  I have to re-style it when I get home, but I didn’t have to with Randi.

Randi also does color, which made me happy since I was also looking for a new colorist.  She talked with me about different color options, and even offered to order the brand of color I prefer since a Sign of the Tymes didn’t carry it.  That seems to me like going above and beyond, since I might have gone to another salon just to get the brand of color I love.

They had a check-in deal through Yelp where I got $10 off when I checked in.  It was a great deal, since my service ended up being $32 for a shampoo/cut/style.  Pretty reasonable for the service they provided.  I booked my next appointment with Randi because she told me she is moving to working only Tuesdays and I wanted to make sure I got in with her.

All in all: cute salon, great service,fair prices.  You can’t beat that!  Book with Randi”